Prasenjit Kumar Nag a.k.a Joy

A Developers Adventure in Coding

About Me

I am Prasenjit Kumar Nag a.k.a Joy. I am still a noob in the field of software engineering but I dream and working towards beings a very good Software Engineer.

I primarily work on the LAMP stack now-a-days that doesn’t define my interest. I love lots of things and pass time with them when ever I get time. I want to be good at all of them someday, at least I will try to be so.

I have been amazed by Laravel lately and currently working on it. I was previously using CodeIgniter and was not satisfied with the best practices and design of that framework. I was looking for sometime more advanced something thats built following the best practices from an object oriented design and then Laravel came and blew my mind. Laravel made PHP web development fun again.

I am also insterested in other languages and framworks. Some of them are C++, Python, Django, Ruby, Rails, Clojure, Haskell, Java, Scala, jQuery, Angular JS, Objective C, Swift.

I dont know anything/much about most of them but I am learning slowly.

I am passionate about Object Oriented Design, Domain Driver Design, Test Driven Design, Enterprise Application Architecture, functional programming, Compiler Design, operating systems and many other things of Software Engineering and computer science in general.

I think the best thing about me is my ability to learn anything quickly and my passion about programming. I dont have much preference about languages or frameworks and enjoy working with anything and always to try to see everything from an language-agnostic viewpoint and extract the general knowledge it provides to make me a better programmer.

Thats mostly me. Thanks for reading upto this point. :)