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Got a New Apple Macbook

Hi Guys, I got my new macbook a few days ago. It’s new but refurbished. One of my friend bought me this from the US. And those who of you are planning to buy a laptop or macbook it’s better to buy it from abroad if you have the chance. Because It costs much less then it will usually cost here in Bangladesh. Let me tell you something about the Refurbished apple products. I bought this model. [caption id=“attachment_22” align=“aligncenter” width=“200” caption=“Macbook”]Macbook[/caption] This is originally $999 now. But the refurb is only $849 now. And it changes depending on the availabiliy of refurbs. SO a product is considered refurbished when it’s back to apple store in either of these ways: The shippers don’t get anyone’s order. Someone return the products as there is returning facilities. The products had some very simple problem and the buyer returned it

And the list goes on………..

After a product is back Apple engineers, the test it fully replace(no repair) the defective parts and run the product cycle and after fully ensuring Apples quality it makes the product available in the refurb section. Though there are also bad experience about refurb mac products and you can find those if you google it for a while.

Anyway it’s your game whether u will buy refurb or a brand new product. But the refurb can save u as much as $200 in some models.

The one i bought from US is avaiable in Bangladesh in ComputerSource and they costs 120000BDT. So it’s only around 60000BDT more. My macbook costs $849 and US charged $74 maybe as TAX.

So if you think u need a macbook with a affordable price , i would suggest you to buy macbooks from abroad and you can risk refurbished (Hasin vie is using a refurb iMac for one year, not a single problem ) and he suggested me to a refurb mac. And it’s better if you buy it from a country other than US, they chargesd me almost a $100 tax.You can search for a country where the tax is less.

Anyway, I am happy with my macbook and enjoying time with it. Whatever guys says Apple is this Apple is that there are some special things about Apple products and you will feel that if you use those.

That’s all for now. if you need to know anything more you can drop a comment and you can also bug in IM anytime.